• World Cup on fifam1k!
  • Each website section have now also Same WC Page
  • Some layout fixes
  • More fields translated, i'm working on all website, with many other languages
  • Compare layout fixed


  • Awesome Programs (Events) Section, with custom and beautiful layout for each of them
  • In TOTY and last TOTW program page, you can see also Lineup!
  • TOTW in programs section divided by weeks
  • New Team page, with Roster and Different Gameplan Lineup
  • Some Layout Fixes
  • I'm working on bad compare layout on mobile...sorry about issues


  • Fix issue on all player stats, in detail and compare
  • Two new columns on squad builder on side, top players and players search
  • Fixed formation change button in squads builder
  • Change some stuff on cards and Squad Builder Graphics
  • Some Layout Fix
  • Fixed Drag&Drop on Squad for Mobile Devices
  • Comments under player page
  • Comments under public and shared squads


  • User can Sign-Up to have many features
  • Squad Builder for all users
  • Manage Personal Fifa Mobile Squad
  • Simulate Player Upgrade Cost directly in your Real Squad
  • Manage Favourite Players
  • Manage Boosts in Personal Squad, to avoid set up them everytime
  • Add comments on each player page
  • See all squads created, with search feature


  • Add Team and Countries Player Filter
  • New Column Nationality in Player List
  • Column Nationality, Team and Program in Player List link to filtered list
  • Add Training XP & Coin Cost
  • Add Boost Item & Coin Cost
  • Add Player Biography, with program, team and nationality buttons
  • Some Bugfix on db and pages
  • Fixed Some Wrong Names in Player Page


  • Speed up player search
  • New website banner & logo
  • Compare now repeat player name before attributes
  • New layout on top navbar, removed left sidebar
  • Smaller preview on player search
  • Some layout fixes
  • Add Grade number on custom card creator


  • New programs in filter
  • New card logos from programs in custom card creator
  • Now player card have correct "program" logo, for ex. see hazard nowandlater player...
  • Fix scroll on modal results
  • Fix zoom scale on keyboard typing
  • Add changelog modal, it show automatically on first open after update
  • New Players List Filters
  • Filter by OVR
  • Sort options
  • Some Layout Fixes
  • New "simple" render player from library in custom cards (example: Maradona)


  • Team kits in Player Page
  • Some Fix on Mobile Layout Compare
  • Custom Card with only one search bar for library and web images
  • In Custom Card you can Search Background Cards by name (for example: toty, elite)
  • Updated Main Stats


  • Players List
  • Player Detail
  • Player Search Bar
  • Boost and Rating Upgrade Test
  • Custom Card Builder
  • Compare Players
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